The life coach profession is growing rapidly.  It is one of the most sought after work from home professions right now.

Last year the ICF completed a coaches survey in  North America.  This survey discovered that over 90% of full time coaches earn $80,000.00 USD annually.

“…some coaches charge $300 an hour, while others say charges are more typically $350 to $600 a month.” Karen S. Peterson, USA TODAY

The starting rate for a coach is $195.00 and hour (USD).  This number will continue to rise because of the demand for life coaches.

Other factors that increase this fee is obtaining certification in a specific niche (i.e weight loss coaching, divorce recovery coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching, etc.).

At the World Coach Academy we you will graduate with a life coach certification and 2 additional niche certifications which can prove invaluable to your coaching career.  Find out how you can become a Certified Professional Coach with us.

Our program not only teaches you the skills you need to become a life coach but you also learn invaluable marketing skills and receive free tools and resources.