Since business coaching is my niche I have decided to add a few posts having to do with the “business of coaching”.

Creating a new website is of great frustration to many new business owners.  If you are both new to coaching and a new business owner you may be feeling a bit overwhelmend.

For starters you will need to obtain a domain name and a web host in order to begin to create your business site.  Choosing a domain name is important because you want to be sure it is keyword rich or directly related to your niche or personal name.

Your web host is equally important as they will store your website files and need to be fairly reliable.

I cannot stress the importance of getting your life coach certification from a school, like WCA that has a strong focus in business skills as well as life coach skills.

If you are already a certified life coach and need help with getting your business started please look into She-Business.com for free business tips and/or business coaching.

See you at the top!