No matter what business you decide to go into you will have to inform your potential clients about your product or services and how it will benefit them. You can never assume they already know what your product or service is or does.

Let’s look at money management coaching.

As a money management coach you need to know the benefits your coaching services will lend to a potential client with bad credit.  You need to be able to inform and educate your clients about your  services and why coaching is necessary in order for them to change their lives.

Their behavior and thinking has gotten them to the point where they are in their best thinking got them where they are and it is a fact that desire alone is not enough to make a permanent change in their life.

This is where you come in.You have to have the knowledge of how successful life change occurs. That is what a coach provides.

Inform Your Potential Clients

Let them know that almost every major -major- successful person has a coach.

That coaching studies repeatedly and consistently show that the odds of successful life change are increased dramatically when the person or team has a coach.

Educate your potential client on how you, as a coach, understand the makeup of the human mind and what will stop clients every time from attaining their goals- no matter how bad they desire it. (You learn what these self sabotaging behaviors are through your coaching program.)

Inform your potential clients of this through articles, tele-classes, seminars and casual conversations.

Why They Should Hire You Over Another Coach

They should hire you as a coach over another coach because you are certified in the area of weight loss, have personal experience in that area as well. Through your training your get to choose which areas you want to be certified in, giving you the edge over coaches who are not certified or certified in an area that is too general and common.

This is also where testimonials come in handy.

Sample Conversation

“Why do you need a coach? Have you ever wanted to attain something- weight loss, increased income- and tried but did not really make any permanent progress? Can you think of a goal like that? [Give them a chance to respond.] That is where I come in. I have been trained to understand what will stop people every time when [State their goal here.] and what will get them there faster and easier than you ever thought possible.”