Before meeting with a new client you may want to have the answers to the following prepared.

What is coaching and how does it work?

Always have an answer prepared that describes what life coaching is.  You should also include some basic information regarding how your coaching practice works.  Be sure to include information about the how you meet and for how long.  For instance you may want to “My clients meet with me once a week for 30 minutes sessions by telephone”.

What are your qualifications?

Here’s where you get to shine!  Remember to discuss any experience you have that may be applicable.  Don’t forget to include your certifications or awards you have received through the World Coach Academy or other training facilities.

How much do you charge?

This can be tricky.  You may be tempted to price too low, especially if you are a new coach.  Remember you are worth it!  Charge what you’re worth.  Don’t forget the average coach earns at least $195 per hour.  If you have chosen a specific coaching niche your rate may be significantly higher.

When a client commits to payment for coaching services they begin their life change journey.  Remember the exchange of money will motivate commitment.