The craziest thing about goal attainment is that when you reach the goals you have been working months or years toward achieving, you so good.

So why is this crazy?? Because unfortunately the feelings you are feeling only last a few seconds, or minutes at best and come to you occasionally for a few more seconds over the next few days. That’s it. Initially you think the happy feelings and feelings of joy are going to last longer but they don’t.

So then why do people work to attain goals?

For two reasons:

1.  They want something in their life to change. They are unsatisfied with the current state in some area of their life.

2.  They want those feelings they think they achievement will bring them: Happiness, most often. (Which it does, just not for as long as they think it will.)

This is why even though big goals are accomplished, depression can set in.

A good example is a successful actor. This actor (lets call her Tina) spends years struggling and dreaming what her life will be like when she finally makes it. Night after night she dreams of the movies she will make, the money she will spend, and on and on. Pursuing this goal is Tina’s passion.

But, what happens when she finally gets to the red carpet opening of her first big movie? Tina feels joy, elation and excitement. She is has arrived!

Sadly, these feelings will last a few seconds, minutes, days if your lucky and then the feeling of loss can creep in.

Why? A feeling of loss can often set in if a client was obsessed for years with attaining a certain goal was their purpose in life and thus, having attained it, they now (often unbeknownst to them) feel they have no purpose in life.

So how do you how do you avoid this? It’s simple set another goal! In fact set three long term goals. Once you’ve accomplished one of the goals create another so you always have a goal in front of you.

People want to make progress in their lives so they work to attain goals.  In fact people are most happy and satisfied when they are making PROGRESS.

Goals are progress are markers to they are critical in creating happiness.  If you want happy clients assist them in creating attainable goals. As they achieve their goals they will be more satisfied and no doubt see the benefit of coaching with you.