A note to prospective students:

Women’s Coaching Academy – WCA (formerly World Coach Academy) has been training women to become life coaches since 2007.  In 2015 we made a decision to stop offering additional accreditation by those self-created accreditation agencies

Now before I explain why we’ve chosen this path, let me explain the truth about life coaching and what our purpose is here at WCA.

You see, you don’t have to be certified to become a life coach and there is no accrediting agency out there that is governed by anyone.  All life coach accreditation agencies are self-created. In fact, you could start one if you wanted.

Our purpose for offering life coach training and certification here at WCA, is to equip women who have a desire to coach and have been coaching to some level already in their lives, with the tools they need to have the confidence to declare they are a coach.

That confidence comes from our thorough training, certification, and know-how after completion of our course.

Now we could create our own accrediting agency just like everyone else has, but we won’t.  We could continue to offer course hour transfers to those other made up agencies, but we won’t.

Because what we know is, once you’ve completed this training course you will have all you need to be the coach you’ve dreamed of.

Now, I realize accreditation matters to some so if that’s you, this is not the right training program. But if you’re looking for a comprehensive life coach training program. One that will teach you what you need to see real transformation in your clients, and teach you the basics of setting up your coaching business for success so you can have clients, this is the place for you.