So you’ve completed your life coaching course and received your certification.  The “open for business” sign is hanging outside your door and you are looking for ways to bring in some cash.

In the business module of our life coaching course we discuss this in great detail.  I am happy to share 3 ways you can start generating income today!

Create e-books – you should have a coaching niche so the general topic for these books should be simple.  Put together a small e-book and begin selling it.  There are many places that can assist you with generating traffic for these books such as Lulu and Click Bank.

Host a Seminar – Yes, you can do it.  Even if you are a beginner coach you can host a seminar on a topic you coach on.  You can charge a nominal fee for entrants until your credibility.  Not only will you earn from the seminar fees but you may also gain some new coaching clients as well.

Offer a free session – You may be thinking the point here is to generate income so why give something away for free?  I understand how you may feel that way but if you want to gain your potential clients trust “free works”.  A free session will give them a sample of what is to come and encourage them to pay for your services.

Getting your coaching business of the ground is one of the most difficult parts of becoming a life coach if you don’t have the right training.  At the World Coach Academy we focus on life coaching and business skills.  Take a look at our life coaching course overview.