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What Recent Graduates Are Saying

Emily Hertein
“Everything I needed to be a successful coach was provided in the WCA training. From the foundation of what it means to be a coach all the way to setting up my own website. I am so glad I chose this program”
Mary Reese Paul

Each week you are eager to learn and embrace more knowledge on Life Coaching. It is great information that is very useful as you build your Life Coaching Business!

Latanga Montgomery

The training was beneficial to me even in my personal life. It helped me to set goals and to examine different aspects of my own life. The best aspect of the training is the business component. By the time you complete the training your business will be fully operating. The training was priceless. Lisa was very down to earth but yet still professional and knowledgeable.

Jillian Nelson

I really enjoyed the WCA Train to be a life coach live program. It was exciting to attend each week, the material is relevant, challenging, and totally prepares you to start your own Life Coaching Practice upon certification. Lisa is amazing, full of encouragement, enthusiasm, and supports all of her students to succeed in their life coaching practices.

Cody McKeithan-Navarro

This has been the most important career move of my life. I could not be more excited about receiving my certification from World Coach Academy!

Be ready to hit the ground running.

Catrina Davidson

The training that I received at WCA was invaluable to my to my journey of becoming a successful life coach. The knowledge that I received not only prepared for the clients that I am and will be coaching, but it helped me to find out things about myself.

Crystal Ly

I loved the live lessons.  And interacting on FB and knowing I always have support is amazing.

Veda Harris

The training was excellent! I was not sure what to expect, but I didn’t believe that I would be doing so many self-discovery exercises.  I had no hesitations about registering, I really connected with the Director and we both felt this was the right choice. She is an excellent Business coach and Empowerment Coach. I felt I could learn a lot from her and I have!

Aisha Nailah

OMG!!! I would say that this is probably THE most thorough training that ANYONE can receive and for the price that WCA offers this at is UNHEARD of! I know of plenty of people who have life coach certifications and paid 5 times the amount of what WCA charges and they didn’t get half as much out of it as I did. I am so extremely grateful to you Lisa for the opportunity of a lifetime. I shall make you proud!

Claire Nicholson-Gates

I now understand the true value of coaching and just how powerful it is in helping someone to reach their goals. All of the principles and techniques I’ve learnt on the course, I’m using on myself. I’m growing as a person, setting goals and working towards them. As the course is online I didn’t think I’d have a lot of support. I was very wrong, Lisa is there to help and guide us every step of the way. Her energy and passion for coaching is infectious.

Nikki King

I had knowledge in health and wellness with dreams of becoming a health coach, and WCA taught me how to get clients, lead sessions, and manage the business aspect. I was completely lost in these areas before the training.

Alicia Buhr

It works. Many programs provide you with similar information and steps to become successful, but WCA actually requires that you complete each of the steps in order to complete the course. WCA holds the student accountable for fulfilling their goal of becoming a certified life coach and owning a business.

Shalonda Harris

People should know that this school is the real deal!! By the end of the program you will be a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH ready to go out and fulfill your purpose. The training really propels and prepares you. Watch out!!

Pauline Tlhako

It was not just training to get a certification, I have now set new goals and I am enthused to see them through next year.  Their lessons are simple, precise and not at all complicated.

LaTasha Ledbetter

You get so much more value than what you are paying for, plus you get to be certified in your niche. I don’t know of many programs that offer this.
Lisa is great and I will so miss hearing her voice every Tuesday!